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About Us

Goran Sica is a family business with a history of working experience of more than 30 years.
We produce more than 300 handmade elements in concrete, with the armature according to the project and of natural materials.
The strength, durability, resistance to weather conditions and the finest molding characterize the high quality of the products, earned by our craftsmanship and the adopted production technologies.

In order to satisfy certain norms when it comes to installing, we deliver most of our products in the natural concrete color, with the possibility of additional painting.

After the period of neglecting of aesthetics and rich detailing, we were the first to bring back to the market pavilions, Greek columns, balustrades, ornamental cornices for facades…

Our program also includes garden seats and tables, totems, fireplaces, lanterns, fountains, jardinières…
The quality and quantity of our products, production speed, and the ability to make special design requests come true have earned us a respected name and distinguished our company from the competition.
We customize orders to suit your particular style, and as arranged with our customers, we perform delivery and installation services.
In addition, we offer business cooperation to anyone interested in further distribution of our products.

Goran Petković, owner