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1. What are the materials used in your products?

- Our products are made in concrete that represents a mixture of natural river sand (fine and coarse aggregate), cement ( Portland cement PC 42,5 R) and water, with the additional reinforcement according to the project.
Additives (retardant, accelerators, plasticizers and air entrainers) are used as well. The combination of polyester and ground marble is used for production of certain elements.

2. Are the Greek columns load-bearing?

- The columns can be made load-bearing owing to the adopted production technologies and quality. The calculated tension diagrams give evidence of their carrying capacity.

3. Do you offer transportation?

- As arranged with the customers, we perform transportation services

4. Do you offer installation?

Yes, our specialized team with long standing experience performs the installation of the products.

5. Can the products be painted?

- In order to satisfy certain norms during the installation process, the products are delivered in the natural concrete color, but the additional painting is possible as arranged with the customers.

6. Are the products weather resistant?

- Yes, the high quality of the products is the guarantee of their resistance to all types of weather conditions.

7. Can the height of the columns be adjusted?

- The columns can be trimmed to fit the desired measures.